well, well, well

You know I love to get snow this time of year, it makes it feel very Christmasy

BUT enough already lol :) for those of you who live in Ontario you know what I’m talkin about

Were I live in one week on the news it said we have gotten more that we did the last 5 years combined and its only mid December

Our city was like shut down for 2 days no school 5 days in a row

Ohh well I am going out to make a snow man, if you cant beat it ..join it

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my spread pussy lol

Check out these photos we took earlier in the week :) They will be up soon



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Happy Halloween !!!!

Hey !!   Happy Halloween everyone. hehehe I love Halloween. This year I made a real cute angel costume for  a party I went to last night

Tonight we are all going out to have a few drinks, dance dress up and get a little crazy hehehe I am so excited!!

I made some fun halloween images of myself on my iphone lol they are so funny. The first image is the one i used to make the others. wow I am ugly lol

Well I hope everyone has fun tonight, its the one day a year we can all be kids again

Love Lola XOXOXO











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I just noticed

wow my blog is boring. like so plain looking lol

I think i need to hire someone who can make me a cool skin for my blog

anyone with ideas, all i know is I want it pink or yellow :)

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Happy Monday Everyone

Happy Monday !! lol Whats everyone doing today? anything interesting?

Any hot sexy stories you want to share with me hehe i love reading dirty stories. I wish I had some naughty stories to share but my weekend was a little dull :( I did masturbate 2 times yesterday but thats a little boring

Ohh well going to go and bake some cookies !!!!!!!!!!!! i love emmmmm


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What a perfect fall day!

Its such a nice warm sunny fall afternoon …. to jack of to me hehehe. So get to it! I just got home from talking my dog for a walk and am now in a happy mood from all the fresh air. Fall just has a certin romantic feel to it, I just love it. I have to work tonight at 10 blahhhh. I have a new job, just going on my 3rd week at a night club. For the most part I am on bottle service for all the VIP’s its been cool so far, tips have been really good. Plus at the end of the night we are allowed to drink and hang around after we clock out… so me and my girls have been closing it down the last few nights lol, I just love dancing and getting a little crazy. Well I am going to go and cook some dinner and then maybe give myself an orgasm hehe I like to get off before i go to work, it gives me such an energy rush

Talk to you soon


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Meet Kitty Kat

Hey guys how’s it going? I have an idea I would like to run by you. Recently one of Shawn’s past girls is now back with us and wants to model and make some naughty videos. Here name is Kitty Kat or just Kat and I think we should add some of her stuff to my site :) This would just be a bonus and would not interrupt the amount of updates from meeee. So what do you think, should we do it…email my webmaster if you think its a good idea studiosinc@cabletv.on.ca she is a real super cutie and I think you guys will fall in love with her

Love Lola XOXOXO


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wow is it ever hot

I hope every one ling in the Eastern US is surviving this heat wave, we are getting it here were I live in Canada as well.

Luckily I only live 10 minutes from the beach, I have spent allot of time there the last few days just to stay cool, ohhh and to check out the boyz too, and a few hot girls :)

I hope everyone is enjoying some of my new naughtier content hehe i am a baaaad girl.  Don’t forget if there is any requests that you have, Send my webmaster an email and we will make sure to fulfil your every desire.

Now off to get some ice cream !!!!! Bye — Love you XOXOXO

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Cookies !!!

I baked some cookies last night :)

I am going to have them for breakfast this morning lol, but then I’ll eat an apple too so i get something healthy

i love cookies

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Pink Tights

Check out this pic

I am shooting again tomorrow, I want to do some more baby oil stuff for my site. I had fun making the video for naughtypack 2, I want to do more I love babyoil


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