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The first time I have fucked a table

Hey guys I am soooooo excited to announce this week I have filmed a brand new extra special extra naughty video for my online store. Its called “Naughty Pack 1″

Its now now live in my store and can be downloaded instantly when purchased. Its called naughty pack 1 and contains a video and photo set of me fucking a cock attached to a table. There are 70 hi res images in the photoset and the video is 9 min 53 sec long and you get 3 versions a 1440×1080 HD,  720×480 low res and just for fun a mp4 ipod / iphone version. You can take me everywhere with you :) Check it out

GoTo My Online Store  you wont be disappointed.


GoTo My Online Store

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Masturbation in the shower

Masturbation in the shower, a great way to start the day

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Top 5 orgasms

so yesterday i had this amazing orgasm, and I’m pretty sure it is in my top 5 of all time it was amazing

Let me explain what we did, Im always trying to come up with interesting new things for video, things that are sexy and things that also turn me on, I like to experiment :) So I decided i wanted to do a video where I was laying on the bed naked and dryumping while my vibrating wand was underneath the sheet and i would grind my pussy into it. Well I didn’t know at the time how good it would feel I started getting really into it and OMG i then had the most amazing orgasm, i cant even explain. I don’t know if it was from my movement or how i was working by body to achieve the most vibration but wow. After going home last ( btw this happened at last nights shoot) I layed in bed all cuddled in and all i could think of was of doing it again, but MR Shawn wont let me take the wand home, he knows me to well and knows id be masturbating 24/7 with it and would not have anything left for video hehehe lol . byyeeeee

PS here are some screen caps of the video, I just got them, I would of posted this last night but I had to wait for Shawn to upload them for me


lola390 2010_01_13_09_07_53_0001

lola390 2010_01_13_09_07_53_0002

lola390 2010_01_13_09_07_53_0003

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Just needed to get off

Okay lets see if I can figure out how to post videos without breaking my blog  :)

This video was kind of funny we shot it last week, it was not supposed to be a masturbation video at first, but i was laying on the bed while my webmaster/photographer was getting the camera ready and I was horny so I was just rubbing my clit abit, but then i said fuck it, told shawn to turn on the cam cause i needed to cum real bad, and ya …silly me

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A screen cap of me in mid orgasm, captured and frozen in time


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Handcuffed and asked politely to have an orgasm

wow this video was intense, there is just something so hot and so naughty about being handcuffed.

Then factor in having a vibrator shoved down your pants and cant do any thing about it, well except to get off lol, makes for one amazing orgasm

Check out the screen caps of the video





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